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  • Blog > The Origin of Koryu Okinawan karate Budo, Bushido or Bu Ha

    By Steve Lowe  - Koryu Kyudokan Chief instructor According to ancient Okinawan legend, Karate had its beginnings in India with a Buddhist monk named Daruma. Tradition says that Daruma travelled across the Himalayan Mountains from India to the Shaolin Temple in Honan Province of China. There he began teaching the other monks his philosophies of physical and mental conditioning. Legend Continue Reading
  • An interview with Simon Oliver

    An Interview with Simon Oliver taken from Simon Oliver is a pioneer of innovative Kata Application, and has starred in a series of six kata application DVDs - Shotokan Oyo - which have been very well received in the Karate World. Sarah Amos:     Could you please just tell us a little about how you started karate? Simon Oliver:     My Continue Reading
  • A Welcome from Simon Oliver

    A video welcome from Simon Oliver Sensei
  • JKR-UK Presents Kiyoshi Yamazaki Sensei Seminars – September 2016

    JKR-UK Presents Kiyoshi Yamazaki Sensei Seminars - September 2016 UK Tour September 2016 - Open to All Martial Arts DUNSTABLE, BRIGHTON & NOTTINGHAM